Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ahhhhhhh Let me catch my Breath!

As you can probably guess it has been SUPER hectic around here! We (Marissa and I) have been painting the kitchen cabinets, putting everyone's beds together for them, trying to organize our room, moving boxes around so that we can function......and so much more! Yesterday Marissa and I finished painting all the upper kitchen cabinets and the lower drawers and just have the lower cabinets and the cabinets above the frig to paint today. Thank goodness! And then today we are packing up and staying the night at MeadowBrook for the first time! All the kids are super excited!!!!! That is the main question that has been asked all week: "when can we spend the night"? LOL Well finally we will be able to do it! Papa also put in a new kitchen light that makes a WORLD of difference! I am so thankful for a dad that knows all about replacing almost anything in a house! I love you papa!!!!!
And so today we are staying at my aunts house to pack up all the odds and ends. (: Not an easy task due to the fact that there are a LOT of odds and ends. Not to mention getting supper planned and made, and getting everyone to realize we need to work together as a team! Ha ha ha Everyone has been a true help! Well I am afraid I can not give you pictures of us moving in or unpacking stuff because those pictures are on my dad's phone and he is at work.....But I do have a few that I took on mama's phone when I had free time (which is a rare moment)! 

Loading boxes into the trailer to take over to the house.
Originally we were going to have a queen and a full size bed in Marissa's and my room....but as you can see it was rather cramped! So we switched to twin beds.......
But then we decided to unpack all our boxes at once and got a little overwhelmed! LOL But we overcame our problem by slowly but surely sorting through and throwing out and putting away our things.
Note from Mama:  This is a TRUE Emelie moment here in this above picture!!!  LOL!
And then on our way home I was kinda bored so a took a few pictures of myself.......LOL

And that concludes the post for today! You will most likely not hear from me again until we get the internet set up at our house.....so until then goodbye, good luck, and may the good Lord take a likin' to ya...... -Roy Rogers   (:

 Auf Wiedersehen!!!!!!! (yes, I'm taking German now!)

Emelie Claire

We will always remember.

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