Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Late Monday Post

We finished the majority of the "moving" today. Thank goodness!!!!! We work together pretty well but we were just never cut to move a lot! LOL We all benefited from a good work out though! Complete with lifting heavy weights and pulling and shoving boxes and lifting! Tomorrow we get to UNPACK! That part I REALLY enjoy! I love to decorate and set up rooms! That is one of my strong points in life! ha ha ha Well I guess I should also tell you about one of our mishaps now.......LOL

Some of the MANY Boxes
Playing with the last of the furniture 

We drove up to the storage units and opened all the empty ones and finally found one that was big enough or our excess stuff that we may or may not keep.... We unloaded the school table, and our extra king size mattress and a few odds and ends we did not need at the house at the moment........and closed the door and were about to put a lock on it when we saw that someone had completely broken off the sliding lock! So we unloaded all the kids again and started moving all the stuff from the first storage unit to the one just one down from it. (thank goodness it was the same size and only two down from us!) Praise the Lord!

Enjoying some free time swinging around on the moving truck handles!
We were all done unloading and were ready to head home!!!!!!.......and were driving out and down the road..when Marissa looked back and said......"Mama he is spinning"!!!.........We could not believe it. Here we were all done with moving, unloading and everything finished for the day, and the moving truck is stuck on a hill!!!!!!! Seriously? Ha ha ha!  But that is exactly how life goes, you think life is going exactly like you want it and your praising the Lord and thanking him and telling him how great your life is......then God decides to see how you react to a road block. Well we actually struggled for an entire hour digging out the bumper, putting boards and rocks under the tires.....and then last but not least we used the jack to push it up and then gave it a shove with our trusty "Bama Bullet". That's what we affectionately call our new red van. (: And voila! We were out! Thank the Lord is was not two hours! (: And that concluded our rather full day! I have more pictures of us moving and stuff so I will upload them soon! Meanwhile enjoy the few pictures I did get.

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