Wednesday, June 5, 2013

News Break!

We finally found the spare time this holiday weekend to start our garden! Papa got the tiller working again and away we went! Chase even got to use the tiller all by himself! We are SO excited and are definitely looking forward to fresh veggies and greens this summer! Oh and did I mention that we have started the process of reviving our hidden orchard? It has been choked out all these years because no one cared to take care of it.... now that we are on the scene life to all Apple Tree's that are still hanging in there! Ha ha ha I rescued one myself last month! Sadly it is the only one that has been uncovered so far but soon others will be saved! (:  The one I saved finally has direct sunlight from the sun and so is covered in little round, green, baby apples! We are so excited! Come fall we will have fresh apples! Rocky and Chip are doing great! They have grown very strong and bossy....but if given enough hugs they warm right up to you. :P We have finished painting the Living Room, Dining Room, Hallway and a bedroom! We are in the process of painting another bedroom right now.

Everyone working hard!

Marissa, master of the tiller

Chase hoeing!


Blake playing in the puddles

And then on Monday I weeded out the flowerbed! I was amazed at how lovely it looked afterwords!

The wild Hostas

Another view of the wild Hostas

My little workplace......(:

My work boots...(:

And then this is my little work table (when not in use by Mama) for trimming and watering my dear little plants and flowers!

Yours Truly digging a hole for a plant. (:

Rosie (Allison's cat) had four kittens! Two black and white named Violet and Lidia , One Black (the only boy) Edward, and one gray named Georgianna. (:  We are all very thankful that Rosie has been a good mother to them! (: Henry, Marissa's cat, went missing two weeks ago and has not returned. We hope he simply found a wife in a new barn neighborhood and is living happily on milk and cat food.
Maxwell bless his heart has stayed on faithfully and guards the kittens when Rosie goes out to hunt.

Baby Georgianna

Baby Lydia

Baby Squeaker

Baby Violet

Have a great day! 
Emelie Claire

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