Friday, November 16, 2012

Update! Finally..........(:

Update!!!!!! Yahhhh!!!!!!!

Ok, so A LOT has happened since I last posted......besides the fact that its a month later! CRAZY!
I have been writing a story and helping clear out our pasture for our horses...and much more!

Working in the looks a lot better now! Newer pictures coming soon!!!!
The leaves are changing colors!

Marissa and Jessica on our amazing Drive way!

Marissa in the leaves!
Part of our Drive Way...actually the one-lane county road to our house....but since we're at the end of the road and no one else lives on's kinda like our driveway!
Allison's wish finally came true! Papa brought home a little kitty that Allison named Rosie. She feeds it warm milk every morning!
Our barn is infested with Lady Bugs!
Catching Lady Bugs in our Barn loft!
Chase's little pets...LOL
Our front yard........amazing view right?
And then most recently I decided to decorate the house a little so I went out and collected all kinds of colorful leaves!
Mama was taking pictures...and I did not know it!
My finished masterpiece!
Close up
And then I had to post this captures her perfectly! She loves tending the fire for us! It' is her little thing!
Me and Allison headed into town!
Savannah playing with Marissa's Paper dolls
And I found this old picture of my dad in high-school........pretty handsome don't ya think?  My mom said to tell you that that is Lisa (Vest) Streeter on the right!

And I am afraid that will be all for now! Have a great day!

Emelie Claire

P.S I just finished writing a short Christmas is the link to the blog I will be posting it on chapter by chapter

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