Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little House in the Big Woods

This is is the house in 2004....aka MeadowBrook Farm
MeadowBrook Farm 2012

It has suffered some great abuse/loss due to "unseemly tenants" over the last couple years, so we are at work restoring it to its original glory.  I'll explain how we found it in a future post, but for now I'll give you our current happenings....
Yesterday we finished cleaning the living room, dining room and the laundry room! I had to bleach the linoleum floor  because someone had done a horrible painting job and slung paint all over the floor! But thanks to lots of bleach and a LOT of scrubbing I got almost all of it off! The other girls worked on the bedrooms scrubbing paint specks off the wood floor. They did a wonderful job! Tonight Papa is going to re-varnish the floors! They will look so much better! They are pretty faded right now. We also cleaned the cabinets and counters in the kitchen and tomorrow I bleach the kitchen floor. I can not wait until Saturday.......The day we move most of our things over to the house. I can not WAIT!!!!!! Mama and I love the laundry room and can not wait until we are able to put in new windows!  I can't really say anymore about it for I will attach pictures for you to get an idea of what we have been doing! (: Enjoy!



Can you tell which side is clean and which side is dirty?...I thought so. (:
That will give an idea of what kind of cleaning we have been doing!

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