Friday, October 12, 2012

Recent Adventures!

And now for a few pictures of the house! I know that this is only half the pictures then that NEED to be uploaded but that is entirely the phones fault! I sent them all to my email but it got a little overwhelmed so it just stopped! Soooooooo you only get to see  half of the the pictures but that still is a lot of pictures!!!!! enjoy! 

P.S I did NO editing on these everything is as it is!

The first bedroom off of the living room.
Hanna and Savannah's room

Their closet
The other side of their room.....facing the door to the living room.
The view you get when you leave their bedroom and go into the living room.
And right here is where the phone quit on no living room pictures. ): But we can skip to Allison and Jessica's room.
The end of their bed and one of their windows...all decor was done by Allison
Their closet

And now for OUR bedroom. This is my part of the room. LOL
The end of my bed and my dresser.
My closet
My little pictures and stuff on my closet door. (: I love you Michayla...(: And then there is a picture of me and Mama when I was really little!
My organized (for once) dresser top. (:
Marissa's  end of her bed and her dresser
Both our dressers and closets
Marissa's bed and our big windows!
Her closet
My side of the room again..... (:
Our bed and our little dresser. (:

The hall between Our room, The kitchen, Laundry room and Allison's and Jessica's room
The kitchen
Our little corner......LOL
The hall...and I think you can see into Allison and Jessica's room!
Cooking supper

Happy Savannah
Now this is a very intresting picture.....have you ever tried carving butter? I did and this is/was my masterpiece! You should try it!   
Working on the fall movie.
Mama working on her dressers....(;


And now a few pictures of our barn! This is the back entrance.
Marissa......Adorable as always!
The left side of the barn.
A little rabbit hutch in on of the stalls
One of the stalls that we are still cleaning out! Maverick is tracking down the Possum that lives in our barn....(:
The big section on the left side of the barn that used to be a chicken house.
The other side of the room
Me and my favorite boots....(:
 And that concludes the pictures for today! Marissa will be posting some other pictures that I took the other day but can not find at the moment! LOL Bye!
Me and Allison (:


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