Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Remodeling update!

This is a very bad picture of myself but it is the only one that was taken of me working!
Chase scrubbed all the windows and doors of mud and nasty dead bugs!
What the Laundry room looked like for some time.
Papa installed a new shelf for Mama!

Random picture

The FINALLY organized mud room!
Pretty nice hu?

And I know you are all probably thinking the same thing....are they this organized all the time? Well the answer is no. I happened to be hard at work for at least an hour today organizing, scrubbing, folding  and washing everything so that I could take pictures for you all!!!  Ha ha ha ha ha But I do hope it last at least a few days!
The nice freshly painted door!

The other side that has not been painted yet!
Outside handle...(that has not been replaced yet)
Inside handle (That has been painted)  Yes paint makes a BIG BIG difference!
My sister Hanna helped me a lot today and while I was working on something or other she arranged and connected all the springs for me!  She is so thoughtful *wink*
Organized at last!

So what do I look like after  all this painting and organizing? 

I don't dare take a picture of the rest of me!


  1. Oh! I think the first picture of you painting is adorable of you! You don't look bad! :)
    your mud room looks nice! I love organizing and painting :) so fun :)

  2. What hard work!!! Emelie, you look adorbs! You guys did a great job and I'll bet it's just perfect.